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A concrete driveway is intended to last for many decades into the future but there are ways that that lifespan can be shortened such as constant heavy vehicles moving over its surface, the weather in the area and the cycle of freezing and thawing where water gets into small cracks and makes them larger. If you have noticed areas of your driveway that have damage, there could be many reasons why this has occurred including:

  • The concrete mix that was used for the driveway was not intended for heavy use.
  • Extreme weather events
  • Subgrade installed below concrete surface improperly prepared prior to concrete installation.
  • Improper installation of a concrete product.

Each of these things can cause severe damage, but a combination of them can create an issue with large cracks, holes, pits, discoloration, settling, and scaling. Most homeowners do not set money aside to replace their concrete driveway. The process and cost behind concrete removal and replacement can be large.  There are other options, though, including having your driveway resurfaced at a fraction of the cost that it could take to have it replaced. If you do not know if the structure of your driveway is in good enough condition to be repaired, you should consider contacting the specialists at Driveway Repair Orlando. The seasoned professionals at this company have a wide range of options that can help you to get your driveway looking as good as new.

The starting point is to contact us by phone. We will arrive at your home to look at your driveway. We can discuss the options that we offer for driveway repair. We will examine the driveway closely to try to decide on what caused the damage and how the issue can be rectified using one of the solutions that we offer. We can address the issue that caused the damage as we repair your driveway.

An excellent option for driveway repair is concrete patching because it allows us to address the worse damage to your driveway by adding patches to it with the use of a superior quality product which is not generally available to consumers. As we add the patches, we will also fill in the small cracks which are not structurally threatening. We use a wide range of products for filling cracks and patching holes, which largely depends on the size of those cracks and holes.

Once we complete our hole filling work, Driveway Repair Orlando offers you assistance in making your driveway look as good as new. We blend in the patches which leave your driveway looking messy and blotchy. Additionally, concrete patches are not water-resistant, so water can get into the areas around the patches causing further damage. The entire completed project needs to be blended and sealed to renew your driveway.

We can repair large holes and finish off your project with a complete driveway resurfacing using one of our decorative finish options. You have the option of use stamping and coloring your concrete to renew your driveway’s look without the added expense of replacement. Adding a finishing touch to the driveway offers a finished look so that all the concrete patches blend in 

Get in touch with Driveway Repair Orlando today to find out how we can help your driveway to get a new and updated look.