The practice of coating a driveway in epoxy is still relatively rare, probably because most people are still not sold on it, which is likely because they don’t fully understand its benefits. A combination of epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener applied to the surface of your driveway produces heat, allowing it to bond better to your driveway and harden. Then, a primer and a top coat are typically applied as a finish. This gives you a nice, shiny coating that protects your driveway. To explain why you should have this feature installed, let’s cover the advantages of using epoxy coating in your driveway.


Amazing resilience

Epoxy is much more resilient than your typical driveway materials. A regular driveway will inevitably get damaged by various chemicals like car oil, and cracks from temperature shock will appear. Epoxy is almost entirely immune to most of the common causes of driveway damage. There is only one thing it can’t prevent: water damage. However, the damage does not happen to the epoxy layer. If you do not clean up puddles around your driveway, they can seep under the epoxy layer and make ‘gaps’ between the driveway and the ground, causing more gaps. That happens under the epoxy layer, which is why it can’t prevent it. The epoxy itself won’t crack, still providing some protection.


Low maintenance requirements

An epoxy-coated driveway is a breeze to take care of. First, it is effortless to clean. Dirt, dust, and similar have difficulties clinging to epoxy, so even a simple mop can restore the sparkle of your driveway. Since epoxy is resilient, this also significantly reduces its daily wear and increases the longevity of your driveway. This is not a small benefit. Daily damage is the reason why you must maintain your driveway. The damage happens when smaller rocks and pebbles get caught between your tires and the driveway and ‘gouge’ into it. Epoxy will show minimal signs of such damage; even if it does occur, it is a simple and quick fix. This trivializes the most time-consuming and challenging aspect of routine driveway maintenance.

A scuffed driveway

Fast and easy installation

Another benefit of epoxy coating is quick and easy installation. Installing a regular driveway can take a while; repairing it as well. You might even need auto transport services if you have no street parking option to keep your car away from the driveway. It’s best to leave it to professionals to take care of your vehicle for the duration, but it is an additional expense. 

While you may assume that installing an epoxy coating would make you wait even longer, professionals can get the layer installed and ready to use in twenty-four hours. This means you would need to wait just one day before you can normally go about your business, making an epoxy coating the ideal solution to driveway repair. As long as you hire a professional to do it and the damage to your driveway is not extreme, an epoxy layer can fix most of the things that are bothering you.


Financial benefits

Using epoxy coating in your driveway also has two significant financial benefits. Rather than having to go all out on driveway repairs or having your driveway rebuilt, epoxy is a fantastic alternative. It can even cover minor cracks since epoxy naturally flows into them and patches them up. It is, of course, not a perfect cure-all and can even cause some further minor damage during the pouring process itself. But it is a much more financially viable solution if you do not want to make a costly investment. The second financial benefit comes from its sheer longevity. Once you have an epoxy layer in place, you are set for a very long time. This means no repairs, rebuilding, or infuriating expenses that keep piling up.


Improvements to safety

Having an epoxy coating also benefits your safety. This is because of the way that the surface of epoxy can be individualized and treated. Our favorite feature of epoxy is that it’s a non-slip surface. So, if you are still hesitating to contact driveway repair specialists to schedule epoxy coating, this might sway you into taking action. At negligible cost, you can ensure that you never have to worry about the slipperiness of your driveway again. This is amazing regardless of the season but is a particular lifesaver during winter. Thanks to how easy it is to clean epoxy driveways and their ability to prevent slips, you won’t have to worry about tumbling in your hurry to get to work on frosty winter mornings.

Winter driveway

Nice look

The last advantage of driveway epoxy coating is how good it looks. Even the plainest epoxy solutions have a fantastic sheen and gleam to them. The epoxy gloss enhances the color and texture of whatever your driveway was originally made of. Not to mention the fact that it perfectly preserves any features captured under it. If you want a fancy driveway, you can have it now! Whatever is under epoxy will be protected from damage and utterly immune to the effects of weather conditions.


Final comment

These have been some advantages of using epoxy coating in your driveway. It is a fantastic option for keeping your driveway in top condition for as long as possible. And, if done right, it can last for decades with no damage.